Saturday, July 16, 2011

Focaccia + Growing Lentils

To be completely honest, I was never partial to sitting quietly in a desk and listening to a teacher read from a textbook. Wasn't much of a fan of copying from the board or reading aloud either, I'm afraid. I would much rather be outside trying to catch frogs or learning how to put something together.

And thus, when my teacher decided we were going to grow something, I was excited. We were each given some beans. We moistened some paper towels and then folded them into squares. The beans were folded into the moist paper towels and all of it was placed into a plastic bag. We taped the baggies to a wall in the greenhouse and waited for nature to work its magic.

They sprouted days after and we planted them in soil. They grew into plants; we watered them and talked to them. It was probably one of my favorite experiences in school.

I decided to see if the process would work with lentils, and they sprouted quite quickly.

After only 2 days

At this point J informed me I could eat these if I wanted. So I told him I planned to nurse these precious lentils into a beautiful plant.

He dubiously agreed and assured me if I needed any help he would do his best to help. I thanked him and went about my business planting the sprouts.

Despite the excitement of all of this, I managed to squeeze in some baking. I was reluctant to turn the oven on in heat wave, but sometimes to get what you want, you have to make sacrifices. And sacrifices it is when it comes to focaccia.

Recipe from King Arthur Flour can be found here.

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